Thanksgiving in Prague

A couple of great days in Prague, whose old city, castle and restaurants proved to be a delight. We stayed at the Unitas hotel, which was excellent and surprisingly inexpensive. I went light photographically with the Sony RX100 II and that did not disappoint either; I continue to be impressed by the dynamic range you can pull out of the raw files (see for example the cathedral interior below). My sole gripe continues to be the lack of a viewfinder (get the mark three version for that reason alone) but in the absence of sun composing on the LCD wasn’t as painful as normal.

Charles Bridge at night, Prague

Charles Bridge, Prague

Street performers in Prague

Street performers in the main square

Prague at night

Where the gulls go to roost

St Vitus Cathedral Prague

St Vitus cathedral


The Escher-like interior of the town hall tower

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