Snowy Flatirons

A highlight of my winter drive into work is the sight of the Flatirons plastered in fresh snow after a storm has passed through. It’s not a sight that usually lasts very long; the Flatirons are steep and a day of sun is normally enough to slough the snow off. Seeing that the skies were meant to clear overnight after fresh snow yesterday, I headed out in the pre-dawn hours to see if there was an image to be made, either from the office or from Chautauqua. A crescent moon provided some illumination.

Flatirons at night in winter

Boulder Flatirons after fresh snow

The snow was still quite fresh, and it wasn’t really all that cold, so I set up with two cameras and ultrawide lenses just past the Chautauqua parking lot. The final image is a stitch of the two composites, each of which is a stack of about 80 30s exposures (ISO 800, f/5.6).

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